Several TLDs (see Policy link above) have adopted the CoCCA "AUP - based" policy framework. This framework addresses not only rights to a particular text string ( domain ) but the Registrant's use of that string. Policies apply recursively, and are applicable not only to the domains in the registry but apply equally to any subordinate domain created by the Registrant.

The registrants licence to use a domain requires that they comply with the applicable AUP ( see left ), a failure to comply with the AUP or to remedy a breach of the AUP may result in a suspension of a domain and it's removal from the zone.

The CoCCA Complaint Resolution Service ( CRS ) supports registry - level suspensions and consists of three parts ( 1. initial review, 2. referal to Ombudsman for amicable complaint resolution, 3. binding arbitration. ). Overview |  AUP Form

Lodging a complaint and amicable complaint resolution are free services. Binding arbitration is carried out by external experts and is a fee-based service ( normally applicable to resolution of complex intellectual property issues ).

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